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Hi Im JONI A. BONIFACIO 26 male.
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Im adventorous person like Climbing, Caving and Biking. I love to EXPLORE Places,Nature and People. I work private tourism in Samar island as tourist guide. We have lot's tourist spot here:


"If your interested to visit your very welcome just give me a call in advance for reservation" THANK YOU !!!............ COME AND VISIT SAMAR ISLAND " EXPLORE THE UNEXPLORED "

FRIDAY JULY 08, 2005

Joni’s commitment:
Eco-tourism promotion

couldn’t help but join may observers wonder why Langun-Gobingob Caves in Calbiga, Samar is now regularly in the schedules of the bachelor tourist-guide-caves-explorer-mountain-climber-solo-biker. ‘Joni Abesamis Bonifacio. This wonderment has stayed with me for a long time, five months and three weeks to be exact.
People who know Joni as their role model for unmarried youths-well, in case lovely maidens want to know this Cebu college-graduate professional who gave up a dreamt up medical course in favor of solo biking, also finds active participation in community for a for education marriageable couples on planning their future families – have been asking since March, 2005 why this doll-eyed Catbaloganon frequents hinterlands of Samar despite threatening tactical operations that are sometimes construed as offensives launched or carried out by either the military or its enemies. Yet, because he himself leaders to Samar’s blazing frontiers of historical, geological, biophysical diversities, more than 20 environment-curious youths and adults would join him each time he conduct a trek through mountain trails and into dark caves.
Joni seems proving the whole world-yes, because some of the tourists whom he guides, are foreigners, mostly explorers and spelunkers-that, hold your breath, the province of Western Samar in the Philippine Archipelago is worth dying for!.
In 2002, after I featured him twice in 2001 (once each in the weekly Waray-Waray La and Issues Today programs watched by Samarnons on local community channels of cable TV stations that carry these programs), Joni designated me as his personal consultant-writer, tasked at the same time to do some biographical sketches of his time-lined trail-blazing explorations. Next, he made me an information officer then board director of the Trexplore the Adventures, an explorers’ club, until it disintegrated in year 2003 due to his outpacing overtures that often left unattended certain individual expectations, and finally, back to my being a consultant-writer-information officer for him when he realized he had advanced much ahead in his chosen career and that it was time to clothe the Trexplore with a single proprietorship form of management. But he is not literally alone in the present Trexplore. Many keep on volunteering to learn from and with him, and so they become part of the adventures of Trexplore.
Joni has not forgotten saying repeatedly his thanks for my voluntary services for his efforts. The articles that I published about him and his adventures, as well campaigns, he admitted to me several times, had helped buoy up his career which one was a mere young boy’s dream, and even catapulted him to the limelight, on national TV, that is, specifically an early morning prime-time program of ABS-CBN, and to the attention of organizers of some big tourism-connected sports events and dealers of explorer’s gears in the Philippines.
I have gone too far in this present exposition.
Now consider Joni’s present program. He had launched “I” Samar Exploration 2005.”
This time, the program means a longer period of time for a longer stretch of a distance to travel. A participant registers first and for a fee of 1, 000 Philippines pesos only, he or she will complete a mermorable thrill in life from July 5 on to July 10. Registration takes place on July 5 at Wayang-Wayang Beach Resort in Allen, Northern, Samar, from 7 to 9 o’clock in the morning. Right after, the new “explorers” will ride a boat to the island town of Capul there to explore the old church, view the light house and stroll the white beach, and of course meet Capuleños whose native tongue is truly strange. Their first overnight will be at Wayang-Wayang where they sleep again after the July 6 after a jeep ride to Lavezares further north for a cruise to Biri Island for its exotic and unique rock formations. On the third day, the “tourists” will be watching and communing with Nature’s bewitching waterfalls (Lark and Tarangban) in Calbayog City which is Samar’s “City of Firsts” before riding south to Catbalogan for an overnight at the Rolet Hotel (one of my favorite spots in the capital town, you know!), with, if time permits, a side trip to the exhilarating Bangon/Blanca Aurora Falls in the fast-developing ecotourism town of San Jorge.
On July 8-10, Joni leads the “tourist-explorers” in a trek into the unknown – the Langun-Gobingob Caves. Much have been said already about these caves. But you, too, dear QN followers, must go there to discover for yourself why this Asia’s second largest and longest caves system is inside the small heart of Joni, which thus makes Joni’s heart big for Mother Nature! One day, Joni may want to live there for longer months for a yet unfulfilled vision” an underground light at an endless tunnel into the future of Samar! That is, if he won’t be out of sight while building another timeline to the future through a cave that is named after him and a researcher Frenchman, also found further east of Calbiga!
The next itinerary is Basey, my own, after a visit to the town’s old Spanish church (one of three old churches in Basey, one, the oldest, buried under the beautiful house of the Rebamontan family in Luyo District, and another used later as catacombs at Buscada, at the entrance to the poblacion) to also set foot on the Sohoton Natural Bridge and take a dip or swim in the Balantak Falls which is under the helpful watch of my very good friend, Guirang punong barangay Ignacio Guimbaolibot, and which will soon be developed as an ecotourist spot by Gov. Mila Tan. On July 12, my birthday, Joni will lead them to Tacloban City for a tour that will lead to the MacArthur beach part and them to the San Juanico Bridge to view Fisheries regional director Gil adora’s world-famous, colorful fish-cage aqua-marine or mari-culture park zone.
Joni’s tourist will have to shoulder this time their own accommodation, transportation, permit and entrance fees. They must hurry. The opportunity is on first-come-first-served-basis.
By the way, July 8-10’s trek to the Calbiga Caves has another exclusive package from Joni. For only P 500.00, a visitor-tourist will be escorted into that giant hall that is filled with the world’s freshest air, by Calbiga’s trained tourist guides.
These, my friends are part of Joni Bonifacio’s fulfillment of his vow to help Gov. Mila Tan’s eco-tourism program. For the coming travel dash, he wishes to promote Samar Island’s tourist spots via a one-week adventure into the hitherto still virgin wonders of Samar.


Asia's second largest cave formation will be open October 28-30,2005 to enable utmost 30 of the country's native and those dreaming to become professional spelunkers one day to discover for themselve and explore its awesome natural secrets that tourist may even be wanting to behold forever.
Self-made explorer Joni Bonifacio is expecting during the next 2 months a continually increasing number of those who want to jointhe three day walk though exploration cum camping weekends event and which he dubbed "3rd Spelunking in Calbiga" which is available for a reasonable registration fee of 500 pesos only per person.
Bonifacio told this writer in an interview friday that the package "tour" will include photo exhibits. Prospective cavers are advised in advance to bring enough money for their own transportation,food and snacks,as well as drinking water, lasting for three days and two nights,caving helmet and headlight, camping equipments ( such as a tent,sleeping mat,and a portable cooking stove) and trekking shoes and sandals.
"3rd Spelunking in Calbiga" mainly consists of an exploration on the Calbiga Cave System which is the Philippines:' biggest karst formation,made up by 12 known caves of which the largest is the Langun-Gobingob Cave a miniature of which formed part of the attrations in last December's WOW Philippines showcase in Intramuros Manila.
The Langun-Gobingob Cave is a " cathedral-like dome,estimated to have the size of three football fields; and with sink holes ,and underground river ,and springs," Bonifacio explained ,as he showed pictures taken by him of these natural lures which he visit every month on the average ,usually as a tour guide for foreigners or as a caving educator.
"Located at barangay Panayuran in Calbiga, about 55 kilometer north of Tacloban City ,the Langun-Gobingob Caves was first explored by an Italian speleologist in 19987." he said.
The weekends activity is under the auspices of the Trexplore The Adventure , an outfit which Bonifacio founded years ago and now singly managed by himself. Trained guides from Trexplore and Calbiga will be available for the duration of the exciting adventure.
Interested cavers may register at his office at Room No. 6 2nd floor, Abesamis Bldg. at Allen Ave. Catbalogan Samar. For reservation call telephone number (055) -251-2301 or mobile phone number 0919-2943865, or contact the project proponent at his e-mail address or visit our site
Bonifacio, also a mountaineer and a solo biking tourist of the Philippines ' historical and natural tourist spots,considers this as his 3rd most ambitious project which aims at heightening interest on Samar's tourism potentials.